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Hostel rules

  1. The check-in time begins at 14:00 (2 p.m.) and the check-out time is 11:00 (11 a.m.). There is a possibility of arranging the arrival time beforehand.
  2. The price of the accommodation includes bed-linen, TV and the access to the Internet.
  3. The Guests shall be checked in upon presenting their ID document or passport and after effecting the payment.
  4. The night-time quiet hours at the hostel last from 22:00 (10 p.m.) till 07:00 (7 a.m.). During that time the persons who are not registered at the hostel may not be present within the hostel grounds.
  5. The behaviour of the hostel Guests and of their visitors may not interrupt the quiet sojourn of the other Guests.
  6. The hostel may refuse to render any further services to a person who violates that principle, even during the hours of the Guest’s sojourn.
  7. For reasons of fire safety the use of electric heaters, electric irons and other similar appliances which are not room equipment is prohibited.
  8. Within the hostel grounds smoking is UNCONDITIONALLY prohibited.
  9. It is prohibited to enter the hostel with pets without permission.
  10. After checking out and leaving the hostel room the Guests should return the keys to the reception within the reception’s working hours or they should inform the hostel personnel about their departure time.
  11. The hostel Guest shall be financially responsible for the damage or destruction to the hostel equipment.
  12. Any faults should be reported at the reception desk on the arrival day. The failure to do so shall mean that the Guest finds no defects or destruction to the aforesaid equipment.
  13. The hostel shall not be responsible for the valuable items left in the room by the Guest.
  14. Personal items left in the room after the Guest’s departure shall be stored for 1 month.
  15. On the day of their departure the Guests are asked to strip the bed linen and to leave it on the beds. This is the information for the hostel personnel that they need to check out the Guest.
  1. The Guests are asked to keep the rooms and the common facilities clean and tidy. Dear Guest, please keep the place tidy and clean, because at the hostel we clean up once a day before noon and not on the ongoing basis. Please, apply the particular care to keep the bathrooms and kitchens tidy, because they are common facilities in our hostel. We will be grateful to you for washing up the dishes and putting them in their appropriate places, so that the next person using the kitchen would have them ready at his or her disposal.
  2. In the case of losing or damaging the hostel room keys (or a magnetic card) the Guest should be charged 50 PLN.
  3. The advance payments shall not be returned in the case of the cancellation of the sojourn by the Guest within the period shorter than 5 business days before the arrival date.
  4. We are not responsible for the breakdowns of the equipment and for the consequences of such breakdowns which are beyond our control.
  5. The hostel shall not be responsible for the damage to or for the loss of a car or any other vehicle in the Guest's possession.
  6. In the case of the failure to observe these Rules and, in particular, for the failure to observe the hostel quiet hours and the ban on smoking, the Guest shall be charged 200 PLN.

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